INSTANT PREVIEWWatch episodes 1 and 2 in full length now. Episode 3 (90 minutes HD-documentary about the first atlantic crossing itself) is only available as part of the SEASON 1 download-bundle. This bundle includes all first 3 episodes in HD-quality plus valuable bonus material. Don`t miss more than 4 hours exciting documentary and GET YOUR EDITION NOW !

FULL Episode 1 (70 min): From Fehmarn (GER) to Roscoff (F)

FULL Episode 2 (70 min): From Roscoff (F) to the Canary Islands (ESP)

PREVIEW Episode 3 (90 min): From the Canary Islands (ESP) to the Caribbean

PREVIEW Extra movie: My first days in the caribbean

PREVIEW Extra movie: Places and harbours

PREVIEW Extra movie: Equipment on Carpe Diem

Don`t miss FULL episode 3 plus 3 extra-movies and GET YOUR EDITION OF THE COMPLETE SEASON 1 NOW !

The final episodes 4 to 6 and more additional stuff will be available in SEASON 2 coming up in 2016 !!

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