The Skipper

guidoMy name is Guido Dwersteg, born in 1970 and living in the city of Koblenz/Germany.

I started sailing in 2008, when i was already 37 years old. Before that time i have never been on a sailing yacht before. In 2012 i made my dream come true and sailed single-handed around the atlantic ocean. My boat is Carpe Diem, a small Bavaria 32 Holiday from 1997.
Following the huge success in Germany, the complete sailing documentary is available in english language too.


The COMPLETE SEASON 1 including ALL 3 EPISODES plus three EXTRA-movies about equipment, places and harbours and my first days in the caribbean. More than 4 hours HD-documentary. DOWNLOAD NOW !

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INSTANT PREVIEWWatch episodes 1 and 2 in full length here. Episode 3 (90 minutes HD-documentary about the first atlantic crossing itself) is only available as part of the SEASON 1 download-bundle. This bundle includes all first 3 episodes in HD-quality plus valuable bonus material. Don`t miss more than 4 hours exciting documentary and GET YOUR EDITION NOW !




6 thoughts on “The Skipper

  1. Bravo guilde pour ta performance et tes magnifiques vidéos qui me font rêver il y avoir une boucle atlantique ou un retour vers l’ Allemagne ?
    J’ai commencé la voile à 50 ans aux glenans soit il y a trois ans et vais dans cinq ans je pense vive sur mon voilier! Le bavaria 32 Cruise, voir le 36 ou le dufour 35 classic sont mes bateaux sélectionnés.

    Bon courrage pour le suite

  2. Guido,

    Congratulations on your videos. I really enjoyed watching it. I saw that you had to go back home several times for work. I was wondering what you do for a living and if it was difficult to do both your work and your voyage at the same time. I wish you all the best!
    Take care,
    Eduardo / between Brazil and Mexico

    1. hi eduardo, exactly. i went home several times to earn some money. fortunatly i own a samll buisness (IT), which i was able to keep ruinning while my journey. best wishes mate. guido

  3. Hi Guido
    I have been watching your sailing “adventure” from Germany to Atlantic Spain (so far).
    I started my sailing experience at 35, in England, taking a sailing course on a Rival 36 on the Solent.
    I have also been in many ports along che Channel. So this video remanded me some very good times.
    Regarding Biscay, I sailed from no wind situation to 40knots plus in just few hours.
    This video is very well done. Just a sailor, a boat and the Ocean.

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