My Journey

From March 2012 to October 2014 i sailed single-handed around the atlantic ocean. Starting from the german island of Fehmarn, i sailed across the north sea and the Bay of Biscay to the Canary and Cape Verdean Islands. From here i went in 21 days nonstop to the Caribbean. In March 2014 i set sails again. Once more i sailed completely alone across the north atlantic to the Acores and finally back to the european mainland. Back in Germany i looked back on 146 days at sea, 12 countries and more than 11.000 nautical miles.

Following the huge success in Germany, the complete sailing documentary is available in english language too.


The COMPLETE SEASON 1 including ALL 3 EPISODES plus three EXTRA-movies about equipment, places and harbours and my first days in the caribbean. More than 4 hours HD-documentary. DOWNLOAD NOW !

Download & Video-Stream: If you create an account with you are additionally able to stream all purchased videos on your online devices unlimited.

INSTANT PREVIEWWatch episodes 1 and 2 in full length here. Episode 3 (90 minutes HD-documentary about the first atlantic crossing itself) is only available as part of the SEASON 1 download-bundle. This bundle includes all first 3 episodes in HD-quality plus valuable bonus material. Don`t miss more than 4 hours exciting documentary and GET YOUR EDITION NOW !



6 thoughts on “My Journey

  1. Your videos are really great.

    What would be nice to get on top of videos, is some idea of cost. Money is an important part for anyone preparing a big journey and knowing how much you spent in harbors, food, electronics, sails, fixes, etc … would be very useful.

    Merci encore pour toutes ces belles videos.


    1. @fulup thats hard to estimate, because the costs depend on personal prefrences. i gues you can do a trip like that for 30.000 euros quite comfortable. except the boat of course.

  2. I love your YouTube channel, you are an inspiration to all of us that want to sail accross ‘the pond’ …. I look forward to hearing more on the journey as well as your equipment especially the windvane…
    Warren s/y Legend

    1. hi warren, check out the channel of peter. he is the founder of the windpilot vane and has a lot videos of the pilot in action . best wishes guido

    1. @Dan

      Thanks for your comment. I started sailing in 2008. So just 5 years before leaving to the atlantic. Hope you stay tuned. Greets Guido

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