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Following the huge success in Germany, my sailing documentary is available in english language too. Join me on my big adventure sailing around the atlantic single-handed now ! Please leave a comment and share.

(including episodes 1, 2 and 3 plus EXTRAS)

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The COMPLETE SEASON 1 including ALL 3 EPISODES plus three EXTRA-movies about equipment, places and harbours and my first days in the caribbean. More than 4 hours HD-documentary. DOWNLOAD NOW !

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INSTANT PREVIEWWatch episodes 1 and 2 in full length now. Episode 3 (90 minutes HD-documentary about the first atlantic crossing itself) is only available as part of the SEASON 1 download-bundle. This bundle includes all first 3 episodes in HD-quality plus valuable bonus material. Don`t miss more than 4 hours exciting documentary and GET YOUR EDITION NOW !
FULL Episode 1 (70 min): From Fehmarn (GER) to Roscoff (F)

FULL Episode 2 (70 min): From Roscoff (F) to the Canary Islands (ESP)

PREVIEW Episode 3 (90 min): From the Canary Islands (ESP) to the Caribbean

PREVIEW Extra movie: My first days in the caribbean

PREVIEW Extra movie: Places and harbours

PREVIEW Extra movie: Equipment on Carpe Diem

Don`t miss FULL episode 3 plus 3 extra-movies and GET YOUR EDITION OF THE COMPLETE SEASON 1 NOW !



(including episodes 4, 5 and 6 plus EXTRAS)

Here the final episodes 4 to 6 and more additional stuff will be available in SEASON 2 coming up in 2016 !!

EPISODE 4 – Part 1: Making new plans

EPISODE 4 – Part 2: Grenada

Coming up next .. EPISODE 4 – Part 3. Stay tuned !

Hello everybody, first of all .. i am very sorry, that i did not answer your comments or have uploaded new episodes since weeks and months. There are several reasons for that. First of all, i am planing an new trip, which takes most of my time, so that i was not able to do the dubbing of the videos in a quality i would like to have them. Next problem: I have received a skin cancer diagnosis which shocked me quite hard and requires some treatment and surgery as well. So … the only thing i can say is: Sorry for the delay. The channel and the website is not forgotten. But please be patient for another couple of months until everything is fixed, my new journey was hopefully successful and i will be back with new stuff and the SEASON 2 bundle soon. Cheers ! (posted 03-23-2017)

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67 thoughts on “The Documentary

  1. Hi Guido,

    Just wanted to say my son (7 years old) and I thoroughly enjoyed your documentary. Our family is new to sailing having just bought our first sailboat this past summer.

    Your pragmatic and detailed account of your journey is an amazing watch.

    We are sorry to learn of your illness but we are confident an old salt such as yourself will be fine. None the less we will say a little prayer.

    Keep up your spirit, get well, and we look forward to hearing and seeing more from you.

    The Christopher Family

  2. Hi – Great job. Both sailing and filming. I agree with all reviewers: This is the best I have seen on Youtube. Obviously great sailing footage and narration. I like the background music as well. Good match and not overbearing list in most other sailing videos I have seen. Your footage of the places you visited shows that you have a good eye and camera technique. Looks all very professional. Are you a perhaps a filmmaker turner sailor? I would be interested knowing more about the camera and sound gear you have used. How did you charge the camera batteries while on the ocean?

  3. Hey Guido,

    found your videos by accident on Utube. was up til 2 am watching. great job of filming and story telling. yours are the best on the web.


  4. Enjoyed every second of the vids. Liked your honesty and humour and the way you tell it like it is. Not all sunshine and rainbows, and your way of enjoying the good while accepting the bad. Looking forward to the return trip vids and am happy you made the decision to tackle the voyage . Luck and fair winds to you Guido! From Ontario, Canada

  5. hi Mr.Guido
    i enjoy so muchos this vídeos thanks
    if anytime you need skipper for take back sail boat please contact me! i ll love it take a sail boat for a leg

  6. This is a very enjoyable documentary series for both the sailor and non-sailor alike. I am looking forward to getting the series on your return trip to Europe.

    Did you ever find out what that funky flag was for that you showed in your Canary Islands to the Caribbean video? In the video, you said it looked Scandinavian.

  7. Hi Bob,
    for navigation i used FUGAWI ENC MARINE 4.5 with Navionics charts . The weather files were loaded by ZYGRIB which is totaly free. Best wishes Guido

  8. I love follow your sailing Guido!
    Best regards from Norway.

    Ps: if you need an extra crue at the Helm. pls dont hestitate to contact me!

  9. Hi, Guido

    I like very much what you showed in your films, and also how you did it. You have your own style and some special “German flair” with detailed description of your journey and some special jokes and sense of humor. You really have made an impact to the history of sailing.

    I would like to ask your opinion about your boat after all that travels you have made. Are Bavarias really good for long travels? You told once that you could not sleep in your aft cabin because of cracking noises. In some episodes they are perceptible and quite loud. And also your cracking mast worried you. Would you recommend Bavarias for living abroad and long distance travelling?

    Thank you.

    1. Hey Igor,
      well after all , all problems sorted out and wer`nt really serious. So i can recommend the (older) Bavarias a lot. In fact it is always a matter of money, which boat you can effort. But my small Bavaria did very well so fare ! Best wishes Guido

  10. I love your vids, watching them on YouTube and have subscribed. I think my favorite bit is how direct you are. You say things just as they are. I find your channel a refreshing change from all of the light weight junk out there.

  11. Guido – I found your You Tube channel quite by chance, and have since downloaded from here the full documentary. You’ve done a sterling job both with the filming and editing, not to mention having to dub the whole lot into English.

    The only issue? Trying to not get impatient for the release of series 2 – your return passage.

    Clearly you’ve inspired many – and I have spread the word about your adventure and this website on a boating forum that covers the Norfolk Broads in the east of England (through who many members sail and have been to sea) and through this, I hope more will be inspired by seeing your website and the documentary.

    Wish you all the best for new adventures and – hopefully – more videos :)

    1. hi rob, thanks a lot for you nice message and posting my website to the forum. i really appreciate that ! i hope that season 2 is ready in 2 months. cheers mate ! guido

  12. I really enjoyed the videos! And I look forward to season 2! Will you be taking the boat back through the same route or continuing the circumnavigation?
    Anyway, you are an inspiration
    Umberto from Italy

    1. hi umbert, i am already working on season 2. i sailed the boat back via the acores and spain back to germany. so actually i did a atlantic circle :-). best wishes guido

  13. I have never sailed a boat, but I feel as though I have after watching your documentary. The education was awesome and the excitement kept me up ’till early morning. So glad you did not fall off the boat while in motion. Sorry about the bird. Thank you for such a great experience to share.

  14. be careful , you are one wild dude,
    hope you make port safe without incident …
    scary to consider sailing without sleep …

  15. Fantastic adventure. These videos were excellently done…nice quality. I really enjoyed tracking your trip using Google maps. When can we expect the next adventure?

  16. Hello Guido,
    i would like to thank you for your great videos. I have downloaded them last weekend and enjoyed them very much. Especially your good sense of humour makes them unique and diverting. Are you still in the netherlands ? Groeten uit Ijmuiden Willem

    1. @willem
      thx for your comment mate. i left the netherlands this summer to stay for maybe 2 years in baltic sea. best wishes

  17. What an adventure! I have watched the whole series three times already. Hope season 2 is coming up as soon as possoble. Happy sailing. Ella/Sweden

  18. Dear Guido, i was wondering if 20 bucks might be too much. But I must admit that its absolutly worth it. Great stuff.
    Regards Paolo

  19. Guidos, definitely the best sailing documentary i have seen so fare. congratulations. impatiently waiting for more. Robert from Boston MA

  20. hey simon, thanks for your message. well, the boat is actually already back in germany. i guess the next films will be online by the end of the year. cheers mate.

  21. Fantastic! Inspirational and beautifully filmed – did you make more films of your time in the Caribbean and your return to Europe? If so I can’t wait!

  22. Hey Guido, fantastic movies und usefull informations in the extra package. Cant wait for Season 2 mate. Keep going ! Regards Peter

  23. Love your video’s Guido, I watched them one after another, can’t wait to see your Atlantic crossing . I’d love to do something like that. Well done. From Robert in Scotland.

  24. Amezing trip,extra videos,look forward to more videos………. I hope next year to do a similar adventure from Koper, Slovenia to Canarian islands and at the ARC regatta, to April sailing to Cube and Florida and single back to Europe……..

  25. Love your video’s! My dad also loves them but he does not understand youtube. So I am reserving your DVD’s for him :)

    Safe Journey! Greetings from Norway

    1. @olav thanks fpor your post. please remind that the bundle is not provided as a DVD set (cause its HD and more than 4 hours documentary). the documentary comes as download or video stream. but however .. you can save it on a USB stick and hand it to your father. best wishes .. guido

  26. Hey Guidos, Greetings from Santa Barbara, CA. My husband and I really enjoyed watching your documentary! We really want to see the rest of your journey across the Atlantic to your final destination! Happy sailing!

  27. This is fun to watch! Great sense of humour, and self understanding. The translation often gives me a chuckle. You are not really a morning person. Good luck and fair winds…

  28. Enjoyed the videos Guido. The documentary style of showing what the passages are actually like make the videos great. I have the desire to do your voyage in reverse from the Southeast US to Norther Europe. Did you use a guide book for your route and ports? The Baltic and North sea sailing looks challenging with all of the ship traffic, must be an interesting place to learn to sail. Looking forward to more! Regards, RJ
    Atlanta, Georgia USA.

    1. @rj
      yes i had lots of guide books about the different places, like north sea, english channel, atlantic …. of course i do only now the german translations and titles. so just check out the offers of national sailing organizations and online shops (maybe on amazon or something). guido

  29. Sometime it´s hard to put the finger on exactly why certain sailing vlogs are better than others, and no doubt your´s is definitely one of the best and most interesting I´ve seen. I guess it´s a combination of high quality filming and editing, focus of the sailing and the harbours (many sailing blogs put way too much focus on non-sailing related sight-seeing tours, in my humble opinion) and the ability to capture the moment, great work :)

    1. Very True,, I noticed the same.
      There is a something that keeps you watching
      Because you are wondering what will happen next.

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